Hello! We are Victoria and Manuel, and this is our third birth. Because Sambas is a labour of love. After years working in the footwear industry, we felt we could do better for the planet and the future. 

What began as a mission to find a suitable alternative to leather and synthetic materials for shoes turned into a family mission to create ,naturally-made footwear, good for those who wear them but also good for the planet all the way.

This project is the result of wanting to create something favouring quality in every sense rather than convenience. We have invested four years of our lives to figure out how to make a shoe that not only looks amazing, but also makes you feel closer to nature.

Parenthood didn’t change the way we see the world, but it has given us the strength to take a leap of faith and create something honest and, why not, fun for them. We want The Bambas to be enjoyed by every child (of age and at heart).

We want to ease the natural step to the future of shoes.

Thank you for being here.

Made in Spain