Sambas, the Foot-friendly shoe.

Our Sambas love your feet. But with good love, without restrictions, loving them as they are. Respectfully accompanying them on their way.

It may surprise you, but if you have grown up in our society, your feet need that extra bit of love. It turns out that they are in a toxic relationship with conventional footwear. And as often happens in toxic relationships, by the time you know it, the damage is done. The consequences? Malformations, chronic pain, bunions, disastrous body alignment, back pain, knee pain…

In the western world we have been walking in contradiction for hundreds of years regarding the health of our feet. We have advanced in many fields, but we have done so on oppressed and weak feet.

And it is that the shoes to which we are accustomed are completely inappropriate at anatomical level. They have no foot shape. Our poor feet, imprisoned from an early age, adapt to the shoe, thereby losing part of its functionality and creating imbalances in the entire chain of movement.

The good news is that the human body has a wonderful capacity for regeneration. Just as inappropriate footwear can deform the foot, footwear that respects the anatomy of the foot can restore its health.

That’s why our shoes are Foot-Friendly. We can also call them barefoot, minimalist footwear or respectful footwear, although these terms are not exact synonyms.

In summary, they are shoes that respect the anatomy and functionality of the foot, trying to interfere as little as possible with its natural function.

Why do I need Foot-Friendly shoes?

Why conventional footwear hurts you:

  • The rigid sole prevents you from developing the muscles of the foot.
  • The narrow toe cap crowds the toes against each other, causing malformations and impeding foot function.
  • The raised heel unbalances your entire body, pushing it forward to counteract the unevenness.
  • The thick sole interferes with the communication between your foot and the ground, essential for you to adapt the way you move to the ground you step on.

What are the characteristics that make the Sambas Foot-Friendly?


  • Flexible: Allows your feet full freedom of movement in all directions.
  • Thin: only 4 millimeters separate them from the ground, allowing your foot to feel the ground and adapt the march.
  • Flat or zero drop: without any unevenness, straight from the toe to the sole, to respect the natural balance of our body.


  • Wide: allows your fingers to move freely, without squeezing them and leaving extra space for them to move while walking.
    The natural movement of the foot when walking encourages the toes to fan out, expanding the impact surface and improving balance.

They’re also lightweight in construction so they don’t add extra weight your feet don’t need.

The Sambas do not have any arch inside so that your feet can be activated and strengthened. Our templates are also 100% flat.

How will Foot-Friendly footwear help you?

Your feet will stop aching. Walking, running, exercising, dancing, will be activities without pain.

Do you need more reasons? OK.

  • Little by little your feet recover their shape and functionality. Surely they will grow a little in length, and with time, your fingers will separate and recover their space, they will try to return to the shape they had when you were born. The shape of an unmodified human foot.
  • You will improve your balance
  • Your body posture will align.
  • You will feel the ground again. The unevenness The different textures, even in the city, but much more in nature. The earth. The grass. Cool. Really.

Is Foot-Friendly footwear enough to restore the functionality of my feet?

Probably not. Especially if your feet have been around for a lifetime, and especially the growth stage in conventional footwear.

Respectful footwear will help you a lot, but it is possible that to achieve substantial improvements you will have to exercise your feet a little to recover lost functionality, mobility, flexibility and stability.

The positive part is that with only 10 minutes a day you will notice important improvements, and you can combine it with other daily activities.

They are simple exercises like rolling a ball under the foot or separating the toes.