Check our size chart and choose yours!

Keep in mind that delivery will be in early June. Take a look at the recommendations and note that in the table you can find the inside measurements of the shoe without insole.

Summary: Measure your feet and add 1 to 1.5 cm to find your size.

Our feet are unique, and so are our preferences, so the right size will also depend on how you like to wear your Sambas. 

Please have a look at the recommendations and keep in mind that in the table you will find the inside measurements of the shoe, without insole.

How to Measure Feet

It is important to measure both feet each time, as they do not always have the same dimensions. Write down the larger ones.

1. Place a piece of paper against the wall. Place your foot on the paper, with your heel against the wall, and draw the toes and sides of your foot, with the pencil/pen vertical (the thinner the line, the better).

2. Draw a line from the center of the heel (the edge of the paper) to the longest point of the shape, and measure (L on the drawing).

3. Draw a line from the bunion to the base of the little toe and measure (W in the picture). This line should be perpendicular to the center line of the foot. This is how the width of our last is measured.


Our shoes can be used without the insocks. They are 4/5 mm thick. They are made with coconut fibers in the original pattern and with hemp fibers in the styles: Bamba, Bambita, Sambalia and Sambalina. Besides the inner material, which can be hemp or organic cotton.  As they are natural fibers, they will eventually give way under the weight of our body resting on them. If you are going to wear the insoles, take into account those extra millimetres in the space.


Our feet need space in the front. Wearing small or narrow shoes can have consequences on our whole body as our feet get used to these conditions. Even if you know your size, it is a good idea to take a moment and measure your feet. 

If this is your first experience with barefoot shoes, an extra 6-12 mm may be enough. Just keep in mind the insole reduction above mentioned if you are thinking in a small margin (e.g. 4-5 mm over the length), as it will be too tight.

Bambas: Add +/- 1 cm to your measured length (from 6 to 15 mm) according to your preference for the fit.

Sambalias: Choose the closest size according to your length. If you are between two sizes, go for the smaller one.

·Growing feet

Children’s feet stretch (inside the shoe should too) while walking, running or playing, and extra room is needed for this. Growing feet increase by an average of 1 mm per month. 

Please note that 12 mm is the optimum space in front of the toes to allow for movement and the natural growth of the feet; a minimum of 12 mm and a maximum of 17 mm. . Hence the recommendation is between 14 and 18 mm to the measured length, to ensure that the shoes do not outgrow them too soon and the “extra space” is still present.

Bambas: Add 1.4 to 1.8 cm above the actual measurement according to your criteria.

Sambalias: Choose the closest size according to your length. If you are between two sizes, go for the smaller one.


The measurements belong to the last so that you can know the interior length and width of our shoes.