Classic cut high-top sneakers in blue hemp.



There are no jeans that can resist you!

Ankle pieces in matching organic cotton twill. The rest is hemp canvas, with more weight and resistance on the outside, soft and thermoregulatory on the inside.

This fabric not only has antibacterial properties, which keeps it clean for longer and prevents it from developing odors, it also has 95% UV protection (most fabrics barely exceed 30%), it is very breathable. and its environmental impact is very positive.


Anatomical shape and enough space so that the fingers can develop their functionality freely.

Removable coconut fiber insoles, 3-4 mm, naturally absorbent. Ideal for transitioning to minimalist footwear, adjusting your size or that extra protection that you may need at certain times.

4 mm sole, flat and without drop for optimal body alignment.

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