Balance between style, comfort, and sustainability with our traditional bootie, where pineapple, palm, and bamboo materials merge.

Final colour in brown


Model under construction: It is a more terracotta tone, the details like the ankle piece and the lining are combined with pale pink. We will show the final result before delivery.

The warm hue enhances the natural beauty of the material, pineapple leaf fibers. The ankle piece, matching the sole, is composed of remains from pruning Alicante palm trees, providing a unique textures aesthetic.

Inside, the bamboo knitting provides natural breathability and softness that embraces your feet from the first wear.

Let your footprint tell its story of environmental responsibility.

Foot-shaped and room enough for your toes to function freely; removable coconut fiber insoles (3-4 mm), naturally absorbent and thermoregulating. Ideal for transitioning to barefoot shoes, adjusting your size, or providing that extra protection you may need anytime; 4 mm vegetal rubber flat sole with no drop for optimal body alignment.

Made in Spain with local, natural and quality materials.

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