Classic cut high-top sneaker in sand organic cotton.


Desert tone for this essential artisan-textured twill. In the ankle pieces, the fabric is soft and thinner, providing a more subtle feel to the touch. Organic cotton gets adapted to your silhouette with every step, is highly breathable, and hypoallergenic, ideal for sensitive skin. The inner hemp not only naturally regulates your body temperature but is also antibacterial, fungicidal, a barrier against UV rays, and offers high breathability & absorption, a great option for direct skin contact.

Foot-shaped and room enough for your toes to function freely; removable coconut fiber insoles (3-4 mm), naturally absorbent and thermoregulating. Ideal for transitioning to barefoot shoes, adjusting your size, or providing that extra protection you may need anytime; 4 mm vegetal rubber flat sole with no drop for optimal body alignment.

Made in Spain with local, natural and quality materials.

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